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Old Seville Waste Experts is a premier waste consulting firm dedicated to helping your company reduce solid and medical waste removal expenses through right pricing and superior customer service. We operate under a client friendly, shared savings model that is performance based: Our compensation is 100% contingent upon the savings we negotiate for you - and you always receive the larger share.

  • "The entire staff at Old Seville is professional and courteous, and they handle all our trash issues quickly and efficiently. They took over the trash management for all of our 193 locations. They provide all the services they advertised AND save us money at the same time!"
    Jason M Kelly, President/CEO, BR Associates, Inc.
  • "Our work with Gayle and her team at Old Seville has provided over 1.3M in annualized savings in less than 2 years. This was far beyond our initial expectations and the speed in which these savings were recognized by our centers has been exceptional."
    Sam Keith, BCA, VP Supply Chain & National Accounts
  • "Old Seville’s’ services allowed Life Care’s corporate staff more time to focus on core issues related to the daily operations of our business. We anticipate the total solid waste removal savings to be $35,762 per month!"
    John Kitterman, Director of Purchasing, LifeCare Centers of America
  • "I was contacted by the team of Old Seville and met with them to discuss their program. They presented a strong proposal that included what I was looking for in pricing and service. The lower prices and superior service, up front and ongoing, has made me very satisfied with my decision to partner with Old Seville."
    Sam Wilensky, Denny’s Board Member
  • "I would recommend any business wanting to increase its bottom line to let Old Seville review their waste invoices. They saved me money by reducing the waste charges for my two Pensacola stores by 20.2 percent."
    Robert Lewis, Owner/Operator, Barnes Supermarkets
  • "DCI Biologicals retained the services of Old Seville Expense Reduction to manage the bio-medical waste and trash removal services for our labs. To date, Old Seville has produced $779,049.12 in annual savings."
    Howard Cherry, Vice President DCI Biologicals
  • "It’s really the total package they offer, they negotiate best in class contracts that have provided substantial savings to members of BCA, they go beyond just a contract partnership—they provide an excellent knowledge base of the medical/solid waste industry to us, they continue to look for savings at every opportunity, continually monitor our invoices for billing accuracy, provide industry regulatory updates, all of this while being very sensitive to how busy our centers are—OSER request a data set of information required to begin and then report back the results in a very efficient and professional manner"
    Sam Keith, BCA, VP Supply Chain & National Accounts

What We Do For You

We begin our services with a free evaluation of your current medical waste,solid waste and recycling contracts. We audit its terms and conditions, interpret the fine print, identify inefficiencies and overcharges, and present you with our cost-saving analysis.

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