Waste Experts Featured in Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County for Implementing a Recycling Program that Produced $1,550 Savings per Month

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Old Seville Waste Experts was recently featured in the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) of Palm Beach County, Florida newsletter for saving our client, Lantana Plaza, $1,550 per month.

“By reviewing and auditing Lantana Plaza’s current waste removal services and employing our cost saving analysis, we found that implementing a recycling program for their location would result in a savings of $1,550 per month, or $18, 600 per year,” said Nick Johnson, CEO of Old Seville Waste Experts.

The WasteExperts.com team has 19 years of consultant expertise in contract negotiations, waste industry experience, medical waste, problem-solving skills, recycling and green sustainability that generates $11 million in annual savings for our clients across the United States.

Read the article featured in SWA of Palm Beach County below, and contact us to find out how we can positively impact your bottom line today.

Recycling program for Waste Management

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