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What We Do

Old Seville Waste Experts works primarily with companies doing business in multiple locations to identify and implement cost savings on their trash, recycling and medical waste services. We have specialized in reducing waste costs for 20 years, and our combination of experience and volume-buying power offers you an unprecedented opportunity to reduce waste costs.


Waste Experts Client Map


How It Works



We begin our services with a free evaluation of your current trash, recycling or medical waste contract. We audit its terms and conditions, interpret the fine print, identify inefficiencies and overcharges, and present you with our cost-saving analysis.

Are You Paying Too Much?



Utilizing our national buying power of over 7,500 client locations, we request bids and negotiate your new vendor agreements with lower rates and better contract terms. You stay in control by reviewing every proposal before we submit it for your final approval and signature. Upon implementing the new rates, we verify them through vendor billing.

National Negotiating Power Second to None!



Right Sizing

We optimize service levels on an ongoing basis to ensure you are fitted with the right kind and size of containers or dumpsters for your solid and medical waste needs. We review your waste stream to determine if recycling is viable, the additional cost savings it might bring, and present the options for your approval.

Legendary Service Quality, 24/7!


Customer Service & Troubleshooting

We pride ourselves on the friendliness, efficiency, and knowledge of our trained customer service specialists, available to you 24/7. No matter what type of waste-related problem you have, make one phone call to us and we take it from there, staying on top of the problem until it is resolved. We are also experienced in assisting with medical waste documentation for OSHA.




Shared Savings

We operate under a customer friendly, shared savings business model that is performance-based: our compensation is 100% contingent on results and calculated exclusively as a share (%) of the monthly savings we generate for you. You will always receive the larger share! We work FOR YOU – the more we save you, the more we make!

A Business Model that Works for You!


Monthly Invoice Auditing

As a value-added service, we audit all vendor invoices on your behalf, ensuring accuracy of rates and charges. Our attention to detail minimizes costly errors. Vendors are notified of incorrect invoicing, and we follow up next month for verification of rollback.

We Reduce Costly Mistakes and Oversights!


Monthly Invoice Consolidation

We provide you with a customized spreadsheet of all waste invoices with one monthly total. We offer complete transparency, with every negotiated rate clearly reflected on the monthly hauler invoices accompanying Old Seville’s invoice. We also offer single bill payment, allowing you to issue one check to us and we will issue timely checks to your haulers. All funds are deposited in escrow accounts available for your audit at any time.

We Are All About Reducing Your Admin Costs!






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