• July 24, 2018
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Nick Johnson, CEO, shares waste management strategies for optimal trash and recycling services at your company location

Typically, the last thing on anyone’s mind when trying to open a new facility is, “How are we going to design our trash enclosure for optimal trash and recycling waste management services?” We get it, facility personnel have to worry about securing the property, hiring and training staff, purchasing food, outfitting the location with equipment, and the very last thing considered is the enclosure or how much approach space the waste vendor needs to service your trash and recycling waste.

It never ceases to amaze us how many times we get a call the week before a new site is going to open with a request for a particular type of service level, only to find out that enclosure design will not allow for the requested service level. A client will request an 8yd trash bin picked up three times a week, and an 8yd- recycling bin picked up two times a week. Upon completion of a site visit (or even worse — on the day of delivery), we find that the enclosure can only fit one can. In that case, instead of paying for three times a week trash pickup, the rate just doubled for six times a week pickup, because you cannot have a separate can for recyclables. On top of that, you are now paying about 25% more to dispose of recyclable materials, because they have to be mixed in with the trash. Instead of paying $500, you are now paying $1,000, all because enclosure design was not considered in the lead up to opening the store.

Waste Experts has developed the following considerations to ensure that your enclosure design will not negatively impact your waste management bottom line.

  1. Access – The enclosure should be accessible for trash and recycling pickup. This means that the truck has a straight-line approach to the containers and can easily empty them and place them back into the enclosure. The driver should also be able to easily make a three-point-turn, which will ensure ease of pickup.
  2. Overhang – Make sure that there are no wires or trees hanging over the area where the enclosure is to be constructed.
  3. Staff Accessibility – Make sure the enclosure is wide enough and deep enough so that staff can easily access the dumpsters and place trash and recyclable materials into them.
  4. Service Level Consideration – Consider the kind of service you want your site to have, i.e dumpster and recycling, compactor, etc, and find out prior to construction how large the enclosure will need to be to accommodate the service you want.
  5. Sales Volume –If the store is expected to have high sales volume, then it does not make sense to design an enclosure that limits you to one container picked up six days a week.

Of course, if you are already a Waste Experts customer, you can contact us prior to constructing your facility and we will help you design an enclosure area that meets your waste management needs. We include this service in your agreement, so there is NO extra cost! Learn more about becoming a Waste Experts customer today.

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