• July 21, 2018
  • /   Karen Lewis
  • /   Expense Reduction,Medical Waste,Medical Waste Removal,News,Recycling,Trash Removal,Waste Budget Expense,Waste Removal

With Father’s Day being two days ago and my dad’s 75th birthday this coming Friday, I thought it would be fun to do a little something with him, Cooley, every day in between. Yesterday, he chose pizza and cold beer.

Cooley had received a flyer in the mail for a FREE any size, any toppings Domino’s pizza. He was interested to know the “catch” so I called and placed the order. Afterwards Cooley asked how much it cost and I confirmed it was free. Then he laughingly said, “Well, that makes no sense to me.”

We rode together to pick up the pizza. When I returned to the Jeep, Cooley asked what it cost. I reaffirmed the pizza was free. He just shook his head in bewilderment. I agreed that it was unusual and we began discussing the new and/or renewed business they may generate from the campaign. We got home, opened a couple of cold beers and enjoyed a great pizza. My dad was still amused that it was free. This skepticism was no surprise to me.

In all the years I have represented Old Seville, the most reoccurring and challenging objection I face is the assumption that our services are “too good to be true.” The fact that we provide a waste removal rate review for free is a great offer in itself. That, combined with the fact that our review does not require any commitments on behalf of the company nor their locations being reviewed, constitutes a red flag to most.

Rarely will businesses conduct work up-front without requiring a fee or some level of commitment. However, Old Seville Waste Experts provides complimentary medical, solid and recycling pre-analysis for companies with multiple locations. Regardless of our findings, the review is FREE, requires no obligation to use our services, and presents absolutely no risk.

With all the “bait and switch” and “over promise, under deliverers” among us, the skeptic within us is a warranted safeguard. I respect my dad’s insistent questions, just as I approve of the way Domino’s put their guarantee in print (with no fine print disclaimers). Old Seville Waste Experts does the same with our pre-analysis. We are “True Blue.” Put us to the test! We hope to hear from you.

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