• July 24, 2018
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Value Added refers to the “extra” feature(s) of an item of interest (product, service, person, etc.) that goes beyond the standard expectations and provides something more, while adding little or nothing to the cost.

To put it simply, Value Added is something that gives you more than you expect. Old Seville Waste Experts prides itself on the extra-value features that are a part of our exclusive waste-consulting program. We are in the business of saving you money on trash costs – but at the same time we provide you with a whole lot more in the way of “extras.”

There is the Value-Added feature of monthly invoice auditing that invariably saves you money. You would be amazed at how many mistakes haulers make on their invoices every day, and these errors are most often in their favor. Knowing this, we audit every single invoice, every month, to ensure that haulers are only charging you the amounts allowed by their contracts.

Contracting is another Value-Added service that Old Seville offers all of its clients. We are experts in contract negotiations, contract analysis and contract revision. We will review your existing hauler contracts and negotiate all your new ones so that they are in your best interest.

Still another Value-Added service that Old Seville offers is customized reporting and single-pay billing options. We streamline your entire hauler billing, providing the precise level of detail per location that you need. We allow you to issue one check to us, and we will issue the multiple checks to your haulers, with no additional charge for saving you this step.

These are undeniably three very good Value-Added services that Old Seville Waste Experts offers its clients. So the question is – if you are not already taking advantage of these perks, what are you waiting for? All it takes is one phone call to Old Seville at 850-677-8688.

We not only save money for our clients 99 percent of the time, we offer the opportunity to take full advantage of the Value we can Add to your business.
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