• July 24, 2018
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Have you ever been introduced to a savings opportunity that seems “too good to be true?” In our business, we find that many, many waste management companies and haulers offer you “deals” designed to save you money. The reality is that most of them though (when you look closely enough) are actually costing you money. However, Old Seville Waste Experts is truly different, as there is NO cost for our service, no up-front fees, no retainer – only savings.

We operate under a customer-friendly, shared-savings business model that is performance-based: our compensation is 100% contingent on results and calculated exclusively as a share (%) of the monthly savings we generate for you. And you will always receive the larger share! We work FOR YOU – the more we save you, the more we make.

So you could say that reducing your expenses and saving you money is our reward – literally!

Why, you ask, isn’t direct contracting with a waste hauler the most cost-effective move for me? The answer is that it isn’t to your advantage because waste haulers concentrate on making money rather than finding savings for you as we do. The volume of business that Old Seville brings to haulers nationwide (we have over 6,500 client locations) puts us in a preferred standing that allows us to negotiate the lowest, most cost-effective hauler rates available for your waste.

Plus, our specialists interpret the fine print in hauler contracts to ensure that there are no “hidden” rate increases or other unnecessary charges. Everything we do is in your best interest. You stay in control of contracts and the invoices come to you with the rates clearly stated. We are 100 percent transparent in all our invoicing so that you know the difference we are making by reducing your expenses.

Our invoicing of audits is just one more significant difference between Old Seville Waste Experts and dealing directly with the hauler. We monitor hauler invoices on a monthly basis to ensure that they are charging you in accordance with your contract. We not only identify errors, but we also track their resolution. All negotiated rates are clearly reflected on the monthly hauler invoices that will accompany your invoice. Old Seville Waste Experts works FOR YOU. There is no conflict of interest. The more we save you, the more we make!

Remember, we have over 19 years’ experience in customizing savings programs for our clients. Contact us today so we can start saving you money!
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