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Added-Value Services at No Additional Cost

Our primary objective is to challenge the traditional understanding of procuring electricity. Our goal is to help shift from the conventional procurement process, redefine savings options and change the way businesses buy and manage energy. We offer simple energy choices that make sense.

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Scrutinize Supplier contracts for hidden fees or clauses in the fine print.

Audit monthly invoices & prepare year-end budgets.

Monitor the market daily and provide regular Industry updates.

Offer Green energy; renewable energy source options.

Recommend energy products based on Consumer’s risk-appetite.

Accurately teach the Consumer how to compare apples-to-apples.

All energy supply components are broken down $/kWh.

Present new products and unique savings opportunities tailored to meet Consumer’s energy goals.

Avoid “One-Size-Fits-All” mentality. Energy-savings solutions are uniquely tailored based on consumption, hours of operation & maximum demand.

Teach the Consumer about “Regulatory Change Clause” present in all Supplier contracts & how that impacts the “All-Inclusive Fixed” energy product.

Negotiate payment terms, fixed price, single-bill options and explain why “staggered” contract terms with Suppliers may maximize savings.

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Heidi B. Rodino

Managing Director and Senior Energy Strategist at Old Seville Energy Experts

Heidi is a Chicago native who has been in the energy industry for over 18 years. Ms. Rodino was instrumental in starting a Chicago-based Retail Electric Supplier, now one of the leading wholesale energy suppliers, as well as several other start-up energy brokerage firms in Illinois and Texas.

Ms. Rodino’s proven track record of executive leadership, sales management and technology development through experiences in sales of over 20 years in the real estate industry, she has built a multi-channel approach to growing commercial energy sales in deregulated electricity markets to record levels. Ms. Rodino has serviced over 2,500 commercial and industrial customers, her niche market encompasses the large end-user that consumes power 24/7, such as hospitals, nursing homes and data centers.

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Old Seville Energy Experts Core Values

Old Seville Energy Experts is an all-inclusive, energy management consulting company providing energy and natural gas procurement services with a focus on basic utility billing & auditing. We provide unbiased, objective, energy management solutions and are committed to protecting the consumer from deceitful business practices, such as misleading price structures or bait and switch offers.


We conduct our business safely and with integrity. We have a moral responsibility to save our planet and are committed to teaching our customers how to offset and reduce their carbon footprint by offering free energy audits. We have a responsibility to help them spend less & safely consume less energy. Our organization is accountable for consistently adhering to our company safety policies and procedures. We expect our employees to take personal accountability for safety in every aspect of what we do.

Honest & Open Communication

We conduct our business honestly and openly. We will be truthful and ethical in helping customers meet their energy needs. We believe in simplicity when comparing apples-to-apples by transparently disclosing each supply component $/kWh on every proposal.

Engage with Excellence

We are enthusiastic and committed to our work and are proactive in keeping customers updated regularly to an ever-changing and rapidly transforming industry. We are unique in our holistic energy management practices and value the integrity of our data and marketing materials prepared for our customers.


We are committed to holding all of our actions accountable by constantly checking that our words align with our actions. We work fairly with customers, suppliers, and other business relationships. We do not speculate or make guarantees as to where the market is headed, but we will always provide verifiable market data from credible resources, provide choices and options that make sense and always act in the best interests of our customers. We are straightforward and strive not to over-promise & under deliver.

Initiative/Embrace Change

We are not afraid to step out of the box and strategically and boldly take action to help customers meet & exceed their energy initiatives. We welcome the challenge of having to make difficult decisions and tackling rough choices.

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