• July 24, 2018
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We are constantly bombarded with images, quotes and commercials about how “Green” is better and that we are all stewards of the planet who should do our part to promote a cleaner and more eco-friendly planet. When one thinks of “Green,” a number of concepts spring to mind: recycling, composting, organic food waste disposal, etc.

However, at Waste Experts when we think “Green,” we also think about how going “Green” affects our customer’s bottom line. Many companies want to become “Green” but often fail to realize how much more green (meaning dollars) they will have to spend in order to be “Green.” Here, we have the crux of what we call the “Green Conundrum“ — the operator wants to go “Green” but does not understand the impact that it may or may not have on their bottom line.

There are five steps the Old Seville Waste Experts team has identified to assess the impact of a recycling program for an operator’s locations.

  1. Determine a baseline of the current waste disposal cost.
  2. The operator should determine what kind, and how much, of recyclable materials are being thrown away as trash.
  3. Research the alternate recycle programs that are available in the area and request pricing on the service that best meets your needs.
  4. Perform a cost analysis of current baseline cost versus proposed cost, and determine if going “Green” will really put more green back onto your bottom line.
  5. Finally, implement a recycling program at the locations that have been identified for the program.

An example is Operator X who is spending $500 a month for an existing trash and cardboard only recycling program. Operator X understands that up to 30% of his trash is organic food waste, and the local vendor offers an organic disposal program. After reviewing the program, Operator X discovers that the organic program costs another $500 a month and that the corresponding offset to the trash program will only reduce cost by $100 a month. That means he is looking at a net increase of $400 a month. In this instance, it does not make financial sense for Operator X to implement a recycling plan.

Is a “Green” program right for you?

If your company has multiple locations, put our 19 years of experience strategically to work for you. The Waste Experts at Old Seville will provide a complimentary review your current waste and recycling disposal program and can offer recommendations that will “go green” for nature AND for your bottom line. Let us do the heavy lifting while you keep the majority of the savings! For additional information, visit:
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